Thursday, August 25, 2005

Day Two, Part Two...

One of the ironies of my life is this.

The experiences and relationships I have had since moving away from a small town some ten years ago have shaped me in such a way that I appreciate the small town life more than if I would have stayed there, but I have also become a person who, at this point in my life, probably wouldn't do to well outside an urban area. There are equal parts attraction and repulsion, making it easier to romanticize the rural life from a distance.

City or small town, you are going to have trade offs. In the city you get a variety of eating establishments, in small towns you get good food. In small towns you get the beauty of simplicity, in cities you get the sophistication of nuance. In cities you get good roads, but bad traffic. In small towns you get pot holes, but you dont' really need to be anywhere anytime soon.

In Merryville, La. we got relaxion, but we also got racism.

We heard the "N" word by a person in the little group we spent the evening with. I only knew something strange was going on (because I'm losing my hearing,) but Jason heard it loud and clear. And it wasn't used in an innocous manner either (as if that word could ever be innocuous.) It was used blatantly by someone (albeit a young person) in somewhat of a Christian leadership position.

That was one of the few stains on the trip.

We spent the evening of the second day at an eating establishment known as Double D's, when, when I think of it, should have been the name of the first restaurant we at at on the first day. Double D's is basically a local Texas Roadhouse. Peanut shells on the floor, amazing bread, Texas food in Louisiana. We celebrated young Kasey's 8th birthday.

Afterward we headed to the house of Fortenberry's girlfriend and played good ol' ETBU type games. The winking game, Mafia. It felt good to do fun stuff like that.

I'll wrap this day up with a couple of pictures taken that evening...

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