Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Way I Have Chosen...

I ended my work day at 7:00 p.m. and headed home to make dinner and watch a couple of episodes of "Joey" and "Will and Grace." Cooked a BBQ Pork loin on the grill and had leftover rice and beans from the previous week. At 8:00 I decided that instead of sitting on the couch looking for something on the television to sedate me, I would go on a walk. I went on a walk. Sunset. Fireflies and chirping crickets were just a couple of instruments in the chorus that, for the past few years, has danced in my head, singing the songs of parts east of here-- Carthage and a front porch and iced tea and silence.

A couple of years ago I posted these words from Garrison Keillor. Slowly along the way these words have become my creed and resonate in my mind as some of the most spiritual words ever uttered in the English language...

"In Lake Wobegon, you learned about being All Right. Life is complicated, so think small. You can't live life in raging torrents, you have to take it one day at a time, and if you need drama, read Dickens."

"The urge to be top dog is a bad urge. Inevitable tragedy. A sensible person seeks to be at peace, to read books, know the neighbors, take walks, enjoy his portion, live to be eighty, and wind up fat and happy, although a little wistful when the first coronary walks up and slugs him in the chest. Nobody is meant to be a star. Charisma is pure fiction, and so is brilliance. It's the dummies who sit on the stage, and it's the smart people who sit in the dark near the exits. That is the Lake Wobegon view of life."
The Way I have chosen, the Way of Christ, is very often-- for me personally-- the Lake Wobegon way. A lot of nothing much. Walks. Saying hi to my neighbor. Reading the newspaper-- the local one. The one more concerned with potholes and with how to care for local veterans than with grand issues.

"I have come that they may have life..."

This is life.

The drawback to preaching the Gospel of Christ in the Mundane is this: Occasionally you have to stop preaching it and start living in the mundane.

I need to go. I have clothes that need washing. I hope your life is filled with the same.

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