Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A Shorty About Those Shorties...

In a couple of months Jude and Sutton will have been alive for three years. In many ways I will have been also.

I've known Avery, their four year old sister, for most of her life. I came to UBC the month she was born but didn't become close with her parents until a couple of months afterward. Avery's got me whipped, and she knows it. You have to be delicate around her or Hurricane Avery will strike. She's all girl.

I've known those little boys since they were a few minutes old. I remember staring at them through the glass and having this gut feeling that my world had just gone through a seismic shift. And it had.

A couple of weeks ago Jude and Sutton left the confines of their cribs for "Big Boy Beds." Bedtime is a little more hectic when there is no cage involved.

I think I told you not too long ago about Jude's ritual when I put him to bed. "Hug!" I give him a hug. "Kiss!" I give him a kiss, usually involving his snotty nose. "High Five!" I give him a high five.

Today he added another element. "Other hand!" High five on the other hand. Pretty soon we are going to have to move bedtime up fifteen minutes just to get everything in.

I make less money and am more in debt than any of my friends, yet I am so filthy rich.

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