Saturday, November 27, 2004


--I've been working on something about my Thanksgiving but haven't had the time to finish it. Actually, I haven't had the motivation. All of you who read are away and when I don't think someone might look at my blog within the next few minutes it's hard for me to get moving.

--Yesterday I got to work at 6:00 a.m. to prepare for Black Friday. I stopped by Wal Mart to pick some things up and it was crazy. When I drove into the B&N parking lot there were hundreds of people waiting outside of Circuit City. I'm thinking Adbusters should choose a more practical day to have the "Buy Nothing Day." It just makes them look silly. Why not choose March 4?

-- Today I work from 3-close.
-- Tomorrow, no morning UBC service. I've gone to Calvary for the past two or three years on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I think I'll continue the tradition.
--Ben is preaching tomorrow night and I'm looking forward to hear it.
-- Aaron, why did you delete the controversial post?
-- I got an email from Jessica Varner today letting me know that she heard from Benji (her husband) and that he is doing alright and in good spirits. It looks like his company of Marines will be leaving Falluja by mid-January. Keep praying for his safety.
-- Ran 4 today. Should have done twice that to work off the incredibly sinful amount of eating I partook in on Thursday and yesterday. Yesterday was worse than Thanksgiving.
--Last Tuesday Kyle, Jen, and I took the kids to see Santa. It was wonderful. Avery loved it and the boys were horrified and screaming bloody murder. We loved it. It was at it should be.
-- I'm stressing out over Christmas presents. I think people are getting tired of books. Not sure what direction to go in this year.

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