Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Lacking significant inspiration, I give you bullets...

-- Anyone ever notice how Democrats talk about affirmative action as a legislative possibility, while our President practices it as a reality? Out of the windfall of new high level appointments this week only one, National Security Advisor-elect Steve Hadley, is neither a woman, minority, or both.

-- In related news, the new White House Counsel, replacing Al Gonzalez, is Harriet Miers, a close family friend of Jordan Browning, one of my friends. My seven degrees has shrunk considerably.

-- Every spiritual anecdote doesn't boil down to a discussion of election vs. choice. Those conversations on my friends blogs, while necessary, are too tiring for this aging man.

-- This past weekend I read Patton Dodd's "My Faith So Far: A Story of Conversion and Confusion." Never has someone else's memoir mirrored my life like this one. From the time of graduation from high school to the timing of entering a Christian university, to the timing and specifics of dealing and struggling with Charismaticism, I feel like this guy is my "other." ("I Heart Huckabees" reference.)

-- Holidays are a double edged sword. On the one hand there is UBC Thanksgiving Love Feast, Nash family Thanksgiving at Uncle Johnny's farm, holiday music and Christmas eve with the Herrings/Slatons/Chantals. On the other hand too many people leave town, leaving me lonely.

-- In honor of Mark Penick, who has yet to deliver other promised blogs, I give you my "Blogs to come" list.
  • The possibility of running for public office.
  • Country music.
  • 1993-1998.
  • Being fat. Being not quite as fat.
  • My sister and how "A Few Good Men" altered the course of my family.
  • Seasons of life and being content.
  • Red Bud road and the Dogwood Trees.

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