Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Quote of the Week...

So I'm at Kyle and Jen's house of kids today hanging out. I gave Jen a little repose from the noise for a couple of hours. When she came back and Kyle came home we started getting ready for a monumental day in Avery's life, her first sleepover. She was having her friend Maddie, who turns four tomorrow, over for the night. Maddie seemed a little nervous at first but eventually warmed up to the new surroundings.

As the boys were running around, all up into the girls' business, Kyle and I looked into the kitchen and saw a confused look on Maddie's face. She was staring at Jude and Sutton (the twins,) quite perplexed. Finally she got enough nerve to point to both of them and ask the funniest question.... "Why are they the same?"

God, I love kids.

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