Monday, June 18, 2007

In Between...

Under the impression that I was to have an early lunch with a friend over on the Interstate, I decided to go directly from the gym to hang out at Common Grounds, since the place I'm house sitting for is all the way out on Speegleville road.

I don't see how people live out here. Every trip to Waco takes a good amount of preparation. When leaving this morning, I had to plan out my entire day. Grab clothes to change into after working out, make sure work clothes are ready for when I come back, make sure I have all the stuff to get errands done, etc., etc. People move out to the 'burbs for a relaxing, more quite life. But it's exhausting being out here.

Anyway, I was on Hwy. 6 about to get onto IH-35 when I saw the signs I've seen a million times-- IH-35 Austin Right Lane, IH-35 Dallas Left Lane. I had one of those quiet-moment-thoughts about how this rocket ship known as the Interstate could deposit me in Cowtown, Big D, or Hippytown, in just a few minutes. People I know in each of these cities flashed across my mind and I had an ever-so-slight twinge of envy at where they were as opposed to where I am.

But it ended quickly as I got on the on ramp and began dropping the F-Bomb at the people who wouldn't let me in. I then remembered that Waco is the perfect size for me, and that the Interstate should be reserved for Big Rigs carrying my stuff to me.

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