Thursday, July 14, 2005

Pull up a chair, let's hang out...

I have nothing coherent to say tonight. Just thought I'd let you know what's been going on with me the past couple of weeks. I'll pretend we are sitting in the two comfortable brown chairs in the office over good H-E-B Texas Pecan Coffee...

A couple of weeks ago I attended a day of the CBF's general assembly to visit with Jason and Christy and to be at their commissioning. In case you didn't know, they're leaving in early fall to live in Paris (France, not northeast Texas) and to work with African Refugees and to see where Freedom Fries were actually invented. The day was wonderful. On top of spending good quality time with J. (as our other friend Jason Fortenberry likes to refer to him,) I ran into TONS of old friends and acquaintances including, but not limited to, The Stumbling Runner, The Stumbler's Spouse, Fred Ater-- an old friend and former missionary to Estonia, Jason Jenkins-- former UBC'er and current Duke Divinity student, Scott Davis-- ETBU acquainance, Dr. David Chrisman-- ETBU prof., and many Wacoans, including a group of Truett friends/acquaintances trying to be politically cute by wearing stickers that read "Religious Freedom: The Original Faith Based initiative," (the implication being that the people who currently use the latter phrase could care less about the former virtue.) It was a good day, it was a full day, and it was a tiring day, but well worth it.

I had to work on the 4rth of July. I think I've worked every 4rth since I've worked at B&N. It's been many years since I've had a Nash Fourth of July. I miss those. My and my gazillion uncles, aunts, cousins would meet at Uncle Johnny's farm, shoot fireworks (we burned down a barn once) and eat the greatest fried catfish in the world. Ooooh, lawdy, do I miss that.... The plan was to meet the Lake clan for dinner at Ninfa's, find something to do till later in the evening, then head to the top of the parking garage (as we had done for the previous four years) and watch the Waco fireworks. Ninfa's, check. Find something to do, kind of check. We came back to our house because Tom had "The Incredibles" rented, and we figured watching it on the big screen would keep the kids sedated for a while. It kept them sedated for about 23 seconds, and then they proceeded to run around the house, open the door to my room, at which point Avery yelled "What Happened in Here!" and break some of Tom's toys. So we decide to head straight to the parking garage, get a spot, go eat dessert at Chili's TOO, then fireworks. They closed the parking garage, so we headed downtown. The kids were being brats (tired) so we decided to go home. I listened to the fireworks while laying on the couch watching a TIVO'd episode of 7th Heaven.

You know I like 7th Heaven, but do you know why? Because it's so corny. Because it paints an ideal. Because they all give each other hugs a whole lot, and everyone (well, most everyone.... well, everyone like me) would love to live in a world where that happened.) I swear, those Camden's get me every time.

Have you been following this Karl Rove story? If this is true, and it's looking more and more every day like it is, Rove should be fired. Put Karen Hughes in charge of winning the midterm elections and let Rove start looking for whose campaign he will work on in '08. I'm surprised Rove hasn't advised the President to fire Rove. Now THAT would be a genius move.

Harry Potter comes out tomorrow. Whoop-dee-freakin'- do. Just show me the money.

The Lake's left for Florida yesterday. They'll be there for about a week and a half. Jude and Sutton are going through an especially adorable phase. They are both talking so well, creating sentences with clauses and tenses and everything. Jude is in a little acting mode where he makes these HILARIOUS faces to make you laugh. Avery turns five next month and is turning into a little young lady. You want to know someone who can give a freakin' hug, go see that Jude and Sutton. They got the squeeze going on like nobodies business.

I've been cranky all day and haven't known why. On my way home from work I realized it's because they are gone.

If I were to write a play, the characters would be Bill Clinton, Anne Lamott, and Joel Osteen. The plot? They would all three be in charge of planning the Waco Christmas parade? Why? Hell if I know. I was just thinking today about how those three people have one thing in commone: For the most part, I am against almost everything they stand for (all three of them, though different,) but I would LOVE to be their friends. It's weird, I know.

Well, I'm out of things. I'll try to do this more often.


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